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BOOMERANG has flown around Antarctica in two separate flights (the first in 1998, the second in 2003) to map the Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB). The first flight measured the CMB temperature anisotropies; the second measured both temperature and polarization anisotropies.

The CMB maps made by Boomerang tell us about the conditions in the very early universe, when it was only a few hundred thousand years old. Using these data, we test and constrain models of cosmology, measuring such fundamental properties as the overall density (which describes the geometry of the universe, ie curvature of spacetime), and density in various components (normal matter, dark matter, and dark energy).

2003 Boomerang flight: 
In this flight we measured both temperature and polarization anisotropies of the CMB, using a bolometric polarimeter.

Papers from the 2003 Flight can be found at our "Papers" page.
CMB power spectra (including polarization) can be found here.

Notes and pictures from the 2003 Antarctic campaign: (Ted Kisner's Web Log )
Or, go to the Rome site for more pictures and information.

1998 Boomerang flight:
This flight measured the CMB temperature anisotropies with high signal to noise, determining that the geometry of the universe is "flat" (just like you learned in high-school). For more information, see:

Final B98 power spectrum data files (from Ruhl etal 2003) ,
Pretty pictures and other information from the first two data releases, from: Spring 2001 and Spring 2000.


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